Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative

Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (2013, Scripps Institution, La Jolla, CA;

Participants seek to advise on ecosystem-based management of resources in the deep ocean. The Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) is a network of over 750 experts from 50 different countries who practice deep ocean science, governance, and other activities, although predominantly deep-sea ecology.   The Census of Marine Life (2000-2010) provided the catalyst and desire for several deep-ocean scientists to make their research count at the policy level. This network formed, then, to develop new ideas for sustainable use and management of deep-ocean resources.
The DOSI Core Team serve on a voluntary basis in their personal capacity.  The team is made up of 5 executive board members, 16 advisory board members and 19 Topic (working group) Leads. Joining is free and information relevant to deep ocean science-policy engagement is shared.

Resources: Events, publications, and news can be found here.

Leadership: Dr. Lisa Levin (founder, director)


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