Data for Progress

Data for Progress (2018; 2 staff, 15 advisors & fellows;

Data for Progress uses “state-of-the art techniques in political science and data science” to help create better polling data to inform progressive policies. Their most critical work has been the series of Green New Deal reports that have been associated with US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Sunrise Movement.


Data for Progress is engaged with a diverse range of policy initiatives for progressive candidates and elected officials, such as public housing, free college, and family leave. See the full list at “The New Progressive Agenda Project“.


Multiple reports and memos have been published, including:

Note: The title of the report is “A Green New Deal”, however, the website and the series of reports all refer to “The Green New Deal.”

Leadership: Cofounders: Sean McElwee, Colin McAuliffe, Jon Green

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