Centre of Excellence for National Security


Centre of Excellence for National Security
(2006; Singapore; 23 staff; www.rsis.edu.sg)

Is a research unit within the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies affiliated with the Nanyang Technological University. It is “devoted to rigorous policy-relevant analysis of a range of national security issues.” The center strives to promote security within and beyond Singapore by becoming internationally renowned for its study of resilience. CENS organises courses, seminars, and workshops for local and foreign national security officials and seeks to inform the wider public in accordance with its Distinguished Visitors Program. The logo of the RSIS website reads “Ponder the Improbable.”

Research Programmes:

  • Cyber Programme: tackles “policy-related issues pertaining to cybersecurity” and keeps up with the “new trends and challenges in the fast-changing world of digital technology.”
  • Homeland Defence Programme: conducts research aimed at improving the ecosystem of national security.
  • Radicalisation Studies Programme: takes a “multidisciplinary approach” to the examination of “the processes of radicalisation to violence of individuals and groups.”
  • Social Resilience Programme: studies the role resilience plays in “ framing national security” and looks into the elements that make up social resilience.


Leadership: Dr. Shashi Jayakumar (Head of Center)

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