Center for International Environmental Law

Center for International Environmental Law
(1989, Washington; 19 staff;

Is a non-profit public interest environmental law firm which uses “the power of law to protect the environment, promote human rights, and ensure a just and sustainable society”. It aims to attain a world where the law respects and protects both human rights and the environment and where all earthly creatures live together in harmony. In order to achieve this goal, CIEL strives to strengthen international environmental and human rights law and empower communities to use it. It also seeks to establish global standards for international financial flows and increase corporate accountability. The center provides “legal counsel and advocacy, policy research, and capacity building” in addition to an intern program that educates the future generation of environmental advocates.




  • Climate & Energy Program (C&E): addresses climate change issues through international law.
  • Environmental Health Program (EH): continuously strives to improve the regulation of toxic chemicals worldwide.
  • People, Land, & Resources Program (PLR): seeks to counter the negative effects development might have on human rights and the environment.


  • International Environmental Law Award: awarded annually to institutions in recognition of their exceptional contributions to international environmental law.
  • Frederick Anderson Climate Change Award: awarded bi-annually to individuals who showcase outstanding initiative and contribution in addressing climate change.

Leadership: Carroll Muffett (President)
Budget: $ 2.6m

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