UN Conference on Environment and Development

Also known as the Earth Summit or the Rio Conference, it was convened by the General Assembly resolution 44/228 and held in Rio de Janeiro, from the 3rd to the 14th of June in 1992. This conference led to the establishment of the Commission on Sustainable Development. The members called for “several major initiatives in key areas of sustainable development” and adopted three major agreements at the Conference:

  • The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development: a “series of principles defining the rights and responsibilities of States.”
  • Agenda 21: a “global plan of action to promote sustainable development.”
  • The Statement of Forest Principles: “a set of principles to underpin the sustainable management of forests worldwide”.


  • Vol.I + Corr.1: Resolutions adopted by the Conference
  • Vol.II: Proceedings of the Conference
  • Vol.III + Corr.1: Statements made by Heads of State or Government at the summit segment of the Conference

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