Planetary Security Initiative

Founding Year: 2015

Staff: 9


Louise van Schaik (Coordinator)

Run by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this initiative “aims to catalyze action in affected contexts” and reduce “climate-related risks to conflict and stability, thus promoting sustainable peace in a changing climate.” It was operated by a consortium of leading think tanks. With the conclusion of four major planetary security conferences and after supporting the efforts to place climate-related security risk at the center of the global foreign policy and defense stage, the initiative now redirected its focus from awareness creation to applicable action in the most affected regions (e.g. South Asia, Middle East, etc.). It is currently implemented largely by the Clingendael Institute.


  • News
  • A library of action plans, policy briefs, reports, etc.
    • Mission Probable: the EU’s efforts to green security and defence (July 2021, 9p.) – The European Union has recently started in earnest to climate-mainstream its defence and security sectors. This brief explores the reasons behind it and the hurdles ahead.
    • Climate Security – Making it #Doable (Feb. 2019, 30p.) – Focuses “on advancements in the United Nations as well as in regional intergovernmental organisations”
    • Climate Security in the Bay of Bengal (Jan. 2022, 65p.) – “The region is one of the most climate-vulnerable in the world. Its strategic, political, social and economic faultlines are also extensive. Together they create fertile ground for volatile security dynamics, social friction and violent conflict.”
    • Towards a Better Understanding of Climate Security Practices (Apr. 2022, 51p.) – This report “aims to provide a noncomprehensive overview of climate security practices implemented on the ground, in order to gain some understanding of what is being done and what can be learned from these practices.”


Planetary Security Initiative contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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