The International Bateson Institute

Founding Year: 2014



Nora Bateson (Founder, President and daughter of Gregory Bateson)

A “transcontextual” research institute on the intersection of ecology, social change, health, and economics. They run projects on ecology of food, how systems get unstuck.  The aim of this research is to increase our ability to take into account the many relationships that coexist in any context of living things.  The focus of inquiry is on the inter-relational dynamics between and among systems. The underlying premise is to experiment with how we perceive, to look in other ways so that we might find other species of information and new patterns of connection not visible though current methodologies, i.e., “Warm Data”.  Warm Data is information about the interrelationships that integrate elements of a complex system. Qualitative dynamics offer another dimension of understanding to what is learned through quantitative data, (cold data). Warm Data will provide leverage in our analysis of other streams of information. The International Bateson Institute intends to generate and give access to information that offers a wider vision. Research findings to be presented as seminars, media, and artistic exhibitions aiming to engage culture and education simultaneously in public spaces, for all ages.

The International Bateson Institute contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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