Global Witness

Founding Year: 1993

Staff: 89

Budget: £ 1119

Charmian Gooch (Director & Co-founder)

It “works to expose the corrupt exploitation of natural resources and international trade systems, to drive campaigns that end impunity, resource-linked conflict, and human rights and environmental abuses.” Consequently, it “carries out in-depth investigations, both overt and covert, that form the basis of detailed evidence-based case studies which are used to advocate for policy change.”

Areas of interest:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Coal
  • Climate action
  • Agribusiness
  • Press freedom
  • Communications
  • Supply chains
  • COP Climate Summit
  • OPL 245 Deal
  • Covid-19 Crisis
  • Digital Investigations



Global Witness contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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