Whither the Arctic Ocean?

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This multi- and transdisciplinary report/book dives into the vast pool of knowledge surrounding the impact of climate change on the Arctic Ocean and the continents around it.

It explores the different but often complementary perspectives by “leading international experts, from many fields of science and across the entire pan-Arctic region” and synthesizing “the current state of scientific knowledge”. I uses non-expert lingo in aiming to answer the question: “How can and how should we prepare for the imminent future that is already lapping at the threshold of the commons?”

Find the full report here.


  1. The Arctic: Tomorrow’s Changes… Today! The Centrality of the Arctic and Northern Ocean in the Control of Arctic Climate and Global-Scale Changes 
  2. The Arctic and Climate Change: A Major Scientific Problem, and a Planetary Challenge 
  3. Complex Collaboration Tools for a Sustainable New Arctic
  4. Moving Forward on Arctic Ocean Governance
  5. The Role of Universities Inside and For the Arctic
  6. Recipes for a Flourishing Arctic
  7. Arctic Cooperation Initiated at the End of the Cold War: Some Reflections on Thawing and Political Initiatives in the North
  8. Preventing Unregulated Fishing: The Case of the Central Arctic Ocean
  9. Lights On in the Arctic Ocean
  10. Melting Ice and Climate Change: How Will Our Future Be?
  11. Losing the Arctic
  12. The Future Arctic Ocean: Moving Towards a New State or Heading Back to the Past?
  13. Food Security and Adaptation in the Arctic
  14. Geosciences in the Central Arctic Ocean
  15. Testination North
  16. Choices, Choices
  17. New Approaches Are Needed to Address Dramatic Change in the Bering Strait Region
  18. Tradition Connects the Past, Present, and Future of the Arctic Ocean
  19. Rate and Magnitude: The Heart of Scientific Concern. A Story about Coproducing Knowledge in East Greenland
  20. Boreal Forcing of the Northwest Passage Marine System: A Core Resilience Response
  21. Why Did the Arctic Not Collapse? 


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