The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019

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An annual report by the Food and Agriculture Organization that presents the latest estimates on food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition at the global and regional levels. The 2019 edition continues to signal that significant challenges remain in the fight against food insecurity and malnutrition in all its forms.

Key Findings:

  • Some 2 billion people worldwide experience moderate or severe food insecurity, including 8% of the population in North America and Europe.
  • More than 820 million people in the world were still hungry in 2018, underscoring the immense challenge of achieving the Zero Hunger target by 2030.
  • Hunger is on the rise in almost all African subregions, making Africa the region with the highest prevalence of undernourishment. Hunger is also slowly rising in Latin America and the Caribbean, while Western Asia shows a continuous increase since 2010, with more than 12 percent of its population undernourished today.
  • A greater focus on overweight and obesity, including child overweight and adult obesity, is needed to better understand the different dimensions of these nutrition challenges.
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