The Global Pandemic, Transatlantic Security and National Defense: Views from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway

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Covid-19 has interrupted defense planning and strategic reflection.

Key points of the report :

• A broadening of our definition of security beyond military threats is overdue. Resilience in the face of this sort of crisis is an important element of national security.

• The crisis is likely to amplify great power rivalry and pressure on the multilateral system. The erosion of transatlantic relations is part of this problem.

•  NATO needs financial and political investment.

• Immediate defence budget reductions are insignificant, but the long-term prospect suggests a downward trend.

• NATO should accelerate its work on infrastructure standards.

• The global security situation in Europe and around the world is deteriorating. Strategic reviews by governments are currently focusing too narrowly on pandemics. More traditional risks, e.g., inequality, are under appreciated.

• The United States and EU should improve coordination and align standards and acquisition rules.

• NATO-EU cooperation on understanding and acting upon strategic vulnerabilities is essential.

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