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2000+ Organizations Pursuing Essential Global Goals




The S&S Guide is a unique project that identifies and describes thousands of organizations concerned with security and/or sustainability.

This initial web version of the Guide is far from perfect.  Still, in light of accelerating planetary stresses and global threats to everyone’s security, we believe that the Guide deserves to be known without further delay, and can still be useful.  Due to the dynamic subject matter, the Guide will always be a work-in-progress. But it will improve, as we add hundreds of organizations per year and dozens of important online reports overlooked by the media and academia, update the good works of existing organizations, and refine the three indexes.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to your comments and ideas.

Statement of Purpose

The S&S Guide seeks to identify and briefly describe international organizations, and nation-oriented organizations of possible international interest, that are focused on the two basic human goals of Security and Sustainability–both broadly defined.

Security Organizations are concerned with human security, human rights, peacekeeping, conflict prevention, terrorism, nuclear issues, weapons, cyber-security, military organizations, etc.  Sustainability Organizations focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable development, food security, water security, energy security, economic security, oceans, biodiversity, human population, green business and economics, etc.

There are thousands of guides to countries and cities, as well as flora and fauna.  It is time for some guide to the rapidly growing number of security and sustainability organizations.  But this is no easy matter, because human organizations are in flux, intertwined, and more difficult to classify.

Please excuse errors and inconsistencies; the S&S Guide is a continuing work-in-progress.

Access to these hundreds of organizations is provided here in several ways:


In addition to providing information on like-minded organizations and the wide range of organizations associated with security and sustainability, the S&S Guide has three key findings:

Remarkable Growth

The remarkable growth of Security and Sustainability organizations (see Chart) , with a median start-up date of 2002, is greatly under-appreciated by media and researchers; this is especially true for organizations supporting green business as a new type of capitalism.

Alliances, Coalitions & Networks

Formation of alliances, coalitions, consortia, and networks to overcome fragmented efforts is important; the Guide identifies nearly a hundred such groups, and more are probably desirable.

Security + Sustainability

A small but growing group of organizations is linking both security and sustainability concerns realizing that we cannot have security without sustainability and vice versa.

50 Notable Organizations

The full list can be found in Part 1C with brief abstracts on their work and organizational structure.

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