Notable Online Reports

The Security and Sustainability Guide

This list of publications illustrates the great number and wide variety of the most important, and timely global security and sustainability reports, and their sponsoring organizations.

Libraries may still consider these reports as “gray literature,” and scholars and researchers may be overly immersed in traditional books and journal articles, but, arguably, these reports are the leading edge of thinking about many of the most significant global issues.

Any one report viewed alone, however, does not do justice to the growing global emergency. Too many people are inflicting costly harm on the environment and human security in too many ways, despite many efforts at mitigation, resilience, conservation, and developing new technological remedies.


A policy toolkit to prevent violence. It adheres to the Commonwealth Charter’s principles of international peace and security, sustainable development, and the rule of law. Offers evidence-based prevention strategies to…

Development, International Relations, Peace, Policy, Politics, Public Sector/ Government, Societal Divisions

A comprehensive guide to innovations and technologies for climate change mitigation. It showcases a range of solutions, emphasizing the role of intellectual property in supporting green technology development, and serves…

Climate Change, Development, Innovation, Science, Technology

Provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of global human development amidst increasing challenges of inequality, political polarization, and environmental crises. Key Findings and Themes Uneven Progress and Inequality:…

Development, Governance, Human Security, Natural Resources, Policy, Public Sector/ Government, Security