Buckminster Fuller Institute

by Friedrich Hirler 24/09/2019

Buckminster Fuller Institute (1983; Brooklyn NY; 2 Staff; bfi.org) Building on the profoundly relevant legacy of 20th century inventor, architect and global systems visionary, R. Buckminster […]

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French Environment & Energy Management Agency

by Friedrich Hirler 01/05/2019

French Environment & Energy Management Agency (1991; Paris; 1000+ staff; ademe.fr/en) Also known as Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maitrise de l’’Energie, this government agency […]

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Plymouth Marine Laboratory

by admin 05/02/2018

  (2002, Plymouth UK; 160 staff; Mission: “to develop integrated marine science towards the sustainable future of the ocean”.  Owns PML Applications, a portal for accessing the […]

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