Zayed Future Energy Prize

Zayed Future Energy Prize (2008; Abu Dhabi, UAR;

The Prize is a $4 million annual global award for a small and medium enterprise ($1.5m), a NGO ($1.5m), individual lifetime achievement ($0.5m), five global high schools that instill an ethos of sustainability at an early age ($0.5m), and a large corporation (recognition award only). It honors the legacy of the founding father of the United Arab Emirates, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who championed social, economic and environmental sustainability. To date, the Prize has been awarded to 30 winners across six continents; recipients have trained thousands of women as green technicians, delivered home solar systems to millions in Bangladesh, created access to safe drinking water for millions in Africa, etc. Winners are announced each January during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. Director: Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany (who is also Director of Sustainability for Masdar future city, now under construction).

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