World Academy of Art and Science

World Academy of Art and Science
(1960; Napa CA & Pondicherry, India;

The World Academy of Art and Science “explores solutions that affirm universal human rights and serve the interests of all humanity”.  The Academy serves as “a forum for reflective scientists, artists, and scholars dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges confronting humanity today independent of political boundaries or limits”. Their membership is diverse with the individuals hailing from a variety of “cultures, nationalities, and intellectual disciplines”. These individuals come together to”promote cross-disciplinary dialogue generative of original ideas and integrated perspectives that comprehend the root causes and effective remedies for our common problems, while furthering those currents of thought and social movement that affirm the value of human dignity and equitable development”.


Leadership: Heitor Gurgulino de Souza(President); CEO and Chair of the Executive Committee: Garry Jacobs.

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