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Wilson Center (1968; Washington; ~150 staff; wilsoncenter.org)

Also known as the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars this globally engaged research institution has been founded as the official memorial to President Woodrow Wilson. It looks into relevant global issues like environmental security and peace building, sustainable development and climate resilience, as well as population and environmental dynamic.

Major Programs and Projects:


  • An array of 10 blogs covering the different topics the center works on
  • A video on demand platform with briefings, conversations, and reports
  • Multiple series of podcasts on global issues
  • New Security Beat – A blog concerned with the interconnection of sustainability and security
  • A extensive library of books published through the Woodrow Wilson Center Press
  • A library of 700+ op-eds and commentaries
  • A library of 150+ policy briefs
  • A library of 300+ reports
  • The Wilson Quarterly – This online magazine takes “a deep and satisfying dive into a single topic or theme that is shaping our world, presenting a compelling range of angles, voices, and visuals.”
  • Environmental Change and Security Program Publications -Bridging Research and Policy on Climate Change and Conflict
    • Navigating Complexity: Climate, Migration, and Conflict in a Changing World (Nov. 2016, 44p.) – Climate change is expected to contribute to the movement of people through a variety of means. There is also significant concern climate change may influence violent conflict. The understanding of these dynamics is evolving quickly and sometimes producing surprising results. This report tries to clear up some misconceptions about why people move, how many move, and what effects they have.
    • Backdraft: The Conflict Potential of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (May 2013, 60p.)- Focuses on how efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and lower humanities vulnerability to climate change could exacerbate existing conflicts. It asks the questions “How do we ensure mitigation and adaptation strategies do not create new conflicts? How can policymakers anticipate and minimize these potential risks? More ambitiously, can these efforts actually help build peace?”
    • Harvesting Peace: Food Security, Conflict, and Cooperation (Sep. 2013, 56 p.) –  This report looks into the “potential influence of global food prices on social and political instability. Compelling and provocative headlines have suggested that there is a direct relationship between food insecurity and conflict. However, Harvesting Peace: Food Security, Conflict, and Cooperation – the latest edition of ECSP Report – finds that the story is more complicated than those claims often imply.”

Leadership: Jane Harman (Director, President, CEO)
Budget: ~$32.9m

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