Wallace Global Fund

In Brief

Wash; for transformative change; inspired by fmr VP Henry Wallace


(1959, Washington; www.wgf.org)

Founded by Henry Wallace, Vice-President of the US, 1941-1945, “who championed the common man in the struggle against the moneyed elites for control of government and the planet’s precious resources.”  Mission: “To promote an informed and engaged citizenry, to fight injustice, and to protect the diversity of nature and natural systems upon which all life depends.” Concerned about four trends: the rise of the corporate state; threats to democratic rights; ecological collapse; and power differentials and weakened NGOs.

Cross-cutting themes and related priorities: 1) Challenge Corporatocracy: occupy K Street; change the global rules, practices and institutions that enable corporate dominance of democracy; advance the movement for accountable leadership through investment activities; 2) Defend and Renew Democracy: challenge corporate money in politics; protect voting rights; strengthen democracy in transitional societies; 3) Protect the Environment break the fossil fuel cartel; empower local political organizations struggling against carbon; confront deep anti-environment bias in legal and political institutions; 4) Promote Truth and Creative Freedom in Media: advance media policy activism; support progressive independent voices; advance innovative uses of new tools to increase effectiveness of organizing efforts; 5) Advance Women’s Rights: global reproductive health; abandon female genital mutilation; act on intersecting issues affecting women in the global economy. The Fund supports activities and movements that are global or national in scope. Proposals can be for either core or project-specific support. It is one of 70 foundations that have pledged to divest fossil fuel stocks from their portfolios and put their money behind clean energy. A leader in “mission investing” in alliance with Confluence Philanthropy, Mission Investors Exchange, the Forum for Responsible Investment, and Divest/Invest. Made $168K in contributions to mostly Democratic PACs and candidates in 2014.  Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director. 5 staff.

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