US Air Force Institute for National Security Studies

US Air Force Institute for National Security Studies
(1992; Colorado Springs, USA;

Is “located within the USAFA facility.” It focuses on “strategic security, arms control, and strategic stability, advising the Air Force strategic policy and arms control communities on current and emerging issues of interest.” It strives to “promote national security policy research for the Department of Defense within the military academic community, to foster the development of strategic perspective within the United States Armed Forces, and to support national security discourse through outreach and education.”

Areas of interest:

  • Strategic policy and strategy research and analysis
  • Arms control and strategic stability
  • Strategic deterrence and assurance
  • Proliferation and countering weapons of mass destruction
  • Emerging strategic security challenges


  • Re-conceptualizing strategic stability
  • Future of arms control
  • China’s nuclear future
  • Countering WMD challenges and the emerging strategic environment
  • Regional strategic challengers, conflicts and concepts of escalation


  • Publishes strategic papers, research papers, and workshop reports.
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