United Nations University

In Brief

1973, Tokyo; UNU Press titles on sustainability science, etc.


(1973, Tokyo; www.unu.edu).

The academic arm of the UN, engaged in research and capacity building to support UN goals. Supports hundreds of staff and scores of research programs, including Climate Change and Health, Climate and Ecosystem Change Adaptation, Coastal Zone Ecosystems, Conflict Resolution and Security, Developing a Green Economy, Ecosystem Services, Governing Extractive Industries, Land Restoration, Migration, Poverty and Inequality, Regional Peace and Security, Sustainability and Governance, Sustainable Human Development, Sustainable Peace and Human Rights, and Sustainable Urban Futures. Publications include articles, policy briefs, working papers, an Annual Report, UNU Strategic Plan, UNU Degree Programs, and books through UNU Press. Illustrative titles: Human Security and Natural Disasters (March 2014, 196p), Just Transitions: Explorations of Sustainability in an Unfair World (March 2013, 448p), Escaping Victimhood: Children, Youth, and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding (Feb 2013, 340p), Green Economy and Good Governance for Sustainable Development (Dec 2012, 360p), and The Future of International Environmental Law (Nov 2010, 340p).

Of particular importance is the UNU Press “Sustainability Science Series” by Japanese scientists: Sustainability Science: A Multidisciplinary Appraisal (Vol 1, 2011, 488p), Climate Change and Global Sustainability (Vol 2, 2011, 375p), Establishing a Resource-Circulating Society in Asia (Vol 3, 2011, 375p), Designing Our Future: Local Perspectives on Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Sustainability (Vol 4, 2011, 504p), and Achieving Global Sustainability: Policy Recommendations (Vol 5, 2011, 375p).

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