United Nations Economic Council for Europe

United Nations Economic Council for Europe (1947; Geneva; 218 staff; unece.org)

Mission: UNECE’s major aim is to promote pan-European economic integration. UNECE includes 56 member States in Europe, North America and Asia. Over 70 international professional organizations and other non-governmental organizations take part.

UNECE facilitates:

  • policy dialogue,
  • negotiation of international legal instruments,
  • development of regulations and norms,
  • exchange and application of best practices as well as economic and technical expertise,
  • technical cooperation for countries with economies in transition

UNECE supports countries in addressing sustainable development challenges through an integrated, multisectoral approach to four high-impact “nexus” areas have been identified where multiple Sustainable Development Goals converge:

Publication Highlights:

  • Rovaniemi Action Plan for the Forest Sector in a Green Economy: Mid-term Review
  • Resolution on the Deployment of Highly and Fully Automated Vehicles in Road Traffic

Leadership: Olga Algayerova (Executive Secretary)

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