Twenty Thirty Water Resources Group

In Brief

2008, Washington; sustainable water management


(2008, Washington;

“Water for Growth, People, and Environment.” Helps government water officials and other water sector specialists to accelerate reforms that will ensure sustainable water resource management for long-term development and economic growth. Partner governments: India, Jordan, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, and South Africa. Originally sponsored by the World Economic Forum, the 2030 WRG started its second phase in July 2012, sponsored by the International Financial Corporation. Subscribes to the five principles of the CEO Water Mandate on private sector engagement in water resources policy: 1) advance sustainable water management; 2) respect public and private roles; 3) strive for inclusiveness and partnership; 4) be pragmatic and consider integrated engagement; 5) be accountable and transparent. No information provided on leaders, staff, or email contact. Phone: 202.473.5615.

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