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2008, Brooklyn NY; Bill McKibbon founder; seeks C02 reduction to 350ppm


(2008, Brooklyn, NY;

“350 means climate safety: to preserve a livable planet, scientists tells us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 400 parts per million to below 350ppm.” The organization leverages people power to dismantle the influence and infrastructure of the fossil fuel industry, and to develop people-centric solutions to the climate crisis. Works in >188 countries, using online tools to help those people see themselves as one movement and to facilitate strategic offline action. Addresses 15 topics on a global basis: Actions/Demonstrations, Climate Denial, Climate Impacts, Climate Justice, Coal, Corruption, Divestment, Extreme Weather, Fossil Fuels, Fracking, Keystone XL, Paris 2015, Power Shift, Renewable Energy, and Tar Sands.

Some past and current campaigns: 1) Keep Europe’s Coal in the Ground; 2) Change Canada’s Climate Policies; 3) Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline in the US (over 750 “#noKXL” actions, big and small, have taken place); 4) Divest the Vatican (calling on the Catholic Church to follow the prescriptions laid down in the Pope’s encyclical on climate change; 5) Global Power Shift; 6) International Day of Climate Action; 7) Climate Impacts Day
(2012). Provides online resources to assist in getting started, establishing a local group, hosting a meet-up, holding a workshop, holding an action, being creative, getting the word out, taking and submitting photos, and making and submitting videos. Publishes an Annual Report. Staff: 94 (but “no staff runs the show. 350 is a movement more than an organization. We use distributed, grassroots organizing to run adaptive, locally-driven campaigns in every corner of the globe.”) FY14 Budget: $8.3M, derived from some 75 listed foundations and individual donations. Founder and Senior Advisor: author Bill McKibbon. Executive Director: May Boeve. [Note: A lively and rapidly-growing activist organization associated with founder McKibbon, one of the most visible environmentalists of our era.  MS]

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