SustainLabour: International Labour Foundation for Sust. Devel

In Brief

Cabrera, Spain


(2011? Cabrera, Spain;

International Labour Foundation for Sustainable Development. Premise: workers can play a fundamental role in the route to a sustainable world. Trade unions are in a unique position to stimulate the social aspects of sustainable development, while at the same time can contribute to the economic and environmental dimensions. Seeks a world that is 1) just and egalitarian for the present generation and for the generations to come; 2) where finite resources are fairly distributed and sustainability is ensured; 3) where environmental and social needs are taken into account as much as the economic ones; 4) where human rights- including workers’ rights and the environment are universally respected. Issues of concern: climate change, chemical risks, green jobs in a green economy, biodiversity, etc. President: Sharan Burrow, Gen Sec ITUC.

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