Sustainable Accounting Standards Board

Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (2011; San Francisco; 35 staff;

Envisions an investment universe where a shared understanding of companies’ sustainability performance enables companies and investors to make informed decisions that drive improved sustainability outcomes and thereby lead to improved long-term value creation.

Focuses on the development of standards for >80 industries in 10 sectors and helps publicly-listed corporations to disclose material factors in compliance with SEC requirements. A new, standardized language is being created to articulate the material, non-financial risks and opportunities facing companies today. These non-financial risks and opportunities that affect corporations’ ability to create long-term value are characterized as “sustainability” issues.

“Accounting for a Sustainable Future.” Seeks to “increase the usefulness of information available to investors and improve corporate performance on the environmental, social, and governance issues most likely to impact value.”



  • Blog
  • A library of guides, insights, corporate communications (full access behind a paywall)
  • SASB Data Sets – Company data on performance on SASB metrics and/or proxies for SASB metrics.
  • Standards Navigator – A research platform combining the focus of materiality with disclosure trends. Offers data and analysis on over 4,000 companies and 77 industries.

Leadership: Matthew Welch (President)
Budget: ~$7m (2017)
Note: Former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is a supporter and former Chair of Board.

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