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1990, Washington; global security agenda; nuclear proliferation


(1989, Washington;

Objectives: “Nonpartisan results to reduce nuclear, environmental and other, transnational threats to global, regional, and national security; enhance policymakers’ and the public’s understanding of the changing global security agenda; and engage civil society and industry in problem-solving to help fill gaps in existing governance structures.” In-depth research and analysis in 18 topics: biological and chemical weapons, border security, civilian protection, confidence building measures, demography, domestic preparedness, energy, environmental security and climate change, foreign assistance, global economy, global health security, humanitarian issues, international institutions, maritime issues, migration, missiles, national security spending, radiological weapons. Research reports, books, subtopics, data sets, briefings, and spotlights available within each topic.  Some 160 Stimson events going back to 2005 are archived, including many hours of video.

Programs in three areas: 1) Transnational Threats (e.g. arms trade, drones/UAVs, environmental security, space security (advocating a Code of Conduct), unblocking the road to zero nuclear weapons; 2) Regional Security (e.g., Arab transition, Gulf security, Indian Ocean security, coastal zones and climate change); 3) Effective Institutions (e.g. future of peace operations, global health security). Along with the Hague Institute for Global Justice, Stimson co-sponsored Confronting the Crisis of Global Governance (June 2015, 158p), Report of the Commission on Global Security, Justice and Governance, co-chaired by Madeleine Albright and Ibrahim Gambari (former UN Under-Secretary-General), presenting a “practical action plan” for innovative global governance ( The Center’s budget is c.$35M/year from a variety of sources, including government agencies and private enterprise. Board of directors includes Chairman Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr., former Asst. Secretary of State, and Vice Chairman Thomas R. Pickering, former Ambassador to Russia and elsewhere.  Ellen Laipson, president and CEO; 47 staff.

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