Sound Resource Management Group

Sound Resource Management Group, Inc. (1987, Olympia WA, staff size, unknown;

A consulting firm dedicated to shrinking pollution footprints, reducing waste and conserving resources throughout the US and Canada. SRMGI developed the CEI™ (Consumer Environmental Index) and MEBCalc™ (Measuring the Environmental Benefits Calculator), which has been purchased by a number of public and private sector clients. These and other products and services focus on prices in the recycling marketplace, including mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, glass containers, aluminum cans, tin-plated steel cans, PET bottles, and HDPE bottles. These analyses can be very specific, e.g., graphs comparing virgin and recycled prices, energy use and carbon emissions for virgin- versus recycled-content product manufacturing, and carbon footprints for fuels used to generate electricity including wood wastes and municipal solid wastes (aka, garbage). The Pacific Northwest is a concentration. Prices for curbside recycled materials have varied from a high of $170/ton in 1996 to a low of $25/ton in 2020.


  • Both internally generated and peer reviewed, but very little since 2017

Leadership: Dr. Jeffrey Morris

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