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Robert Costanza, editor; for a sust. & desirable future; Model Earth


(2010, Australian National University;

“For a sustainable and desirable future.” Founded by Robert Costanza, David Orr, Paul Hawken and John Todd to “encourage and publish integrative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems: climate disruption, loss of biodiversity, poverty, energy descent, overfishing, air, water, and soil pollution, and human population growth, to name a few” by moving beyond the “argument culture” and promoting substantive and constructive dialogue stimulated by “solutionaries” and hoping to involve all affected stakeholders. Sections: 1) Idea Lab (a one-stop shop for the latest solutions-driven innovation, e.g., “Mobilizing Literacy: Cell Phones Help Afghan Women Learn to Read”); 2) Features (peer-reviewed articles where a panel of experts and authors consider ideas for creating a sustainable future, e.g., “The Aquaponics Solution”); 3) Perspectives (ideas from business leaders, academics, policy makers, and designers, “Sweden’s Prostitution Solution”); 4) Visionaries (an invitation to “join our team of leading environmentalists and visionaries by sharing your vision for the future with us.”, e.g., “The Path to Global Food Security: An Interview with Jim Morris”); 5) Your Solutions (descriptions of individuals, organizations, ideas, and innovations readers believe are making a difference around the world, e.g., Kiosk water treatment product for the developing world that disinfects drinking water using UV light; 6) Community (hosting discussion groups on any topic, e.g., “The Future of Appalachia”); 7) Global (how people around the world are rising to the challenges of the 21st century, e.g., “Healing the Carbon Cycle with Cattle”). Supporters include a broad range of influential and some well-heeled Sponsors, Friends of Sustainability, Altruists, Partners and Associated Societies. Editorial board of 53 international members; Staff: 16; Editors-in-Chief: Robert Costanza and Ida Kubiszewski. [Note: Looks like a magazine, but the semi-popularized articles offer extensive references. MM]

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