Secure World Foundation

Secure World Foundation (2004; Broomfield CO, Washington DC; 11 staff;

Mission: To create a secure, sustainable and peaceful use of outer space by working “with governments, industry, international organizations, and civil society to develop and promote ideas and actions” that contributes to global stability and benefit “Earth and all its peoples”. They focus on informing the public and publishing relevant information and research. They host, co-organize and inform on relevant events like conferences, forums, dialogues, debates, etc.


  • Topics: security, sustainability, law and policy, space traffic, etc.
  • Staff publications
  • News, newsletter, podcast, column etc.
  • A library of brochures, booklets, fact sheets, event reports, and sponsored content
  • HIGHLIGHTS:Handbook for New Actors in Space’ – Intended “to provide nations, established satellite operators, start-up companies, universities, and other space actors with a broad overview of the fundamental principles, laws, norms, and best practices for peaceful, safe, and responsible activities in space.”

Leadership: Dr. Peter Martinez (Executive Director),  Cynda Collins Arsenault (Co-founder, Board Chair)

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