School of Global Environmental Sustainability

School of Global Environmental Sustainability (2008; Fort Collins Colorado State University; 16 staff, ~120 affiliate faculty;

It was founded with the vision to create a “world that is environmentally healthy, socially equitable, and economically vibrant.” Their strategy is “to confront global changes in the environment by providing the cross-college infrastructure to better integrate and more fully capitalize on the University’s historic strength in environmental research and education” through a multidisciplinary focus on “food security, poverty, inequality, water quality and use, desertification, clean energy, climate change, biodiversity, globalization, industrial ecology, sustainable engineering, population growth, and urbanization.”


  • Variety of interdisciplinary minors, certificates and courses in sustainability;;
  • Leadership fellows and scholarships;
  • Centers, focused on “Student Sustainability”, conservation in North America, global biodiversity, Africa, and “Future Earth”.


  • HumanNature blog that provides a platform for students, faculty, research partners, and guests

Leadership: Diana H. Wall (Inaugural Director)

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