Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Institution: World Resources Inst.

In Brief

2014, World Resources Inst., Wash; >200 staff


(2014, World Resources Institute, Washington;

By 2030, the world’s cities are expected to add 1.5 billion people and up to 1 billion cars—nearly all in developing countries. The Ross Center, established in 2014 with a $30 million contribution from WRI Board member Stephen M. Ross, “aims to influence 200+ cities by 2019, helping them become more accessible, healthy, equitable, and environmentally friendly.” WRI has six areas of activity: transformative solutions for climate, clean energy, sustainable food, sustainable forests, mitigating water challenges, and Cities and Transport, which seeks to improve quality of life in developing countries around the world, by developing and scaling environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable solutions. WRI has >450 staff, of which 170 staff and experts are focused on Cities and Transport, with 80% of them working on the ground in 55 cities in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and Turkey. Publishes a biweekly WRI Digest e-newsletter, and many downloadable reports on climate, forests, water, governance, etc. Holger Dalkmann is Acting Global Director for Cities and Transport and Director of the EMBARQ Network for sustainable transport and urban planning, a WRI signature initiative.

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