Rivers Without Borders

Rivers Without Borders

(1999; Port Townsend WA; 4 staff; riverswithoutborders.org)

Formerly known as the Transboundary Watershed Alliance, a network of Canadian and U.S. member organizations it is now an independent organization. They are coordinating efforts on regional environmental, indigenous rights and sustainability issues in Alaska and British Columbia.  They “promote a watershed-based conservation vision for an ecologically rich region virtually defining the essence of North American wilderness, and representing one of the continent’s best conservation opportunities.”


  • The Taku River Watershed river basin in Southeast Alaska and northwest British Columbia that covers 7,250 square miles, more than twice as large as Yellowstone National Park, it is the largest unprotected and undeveloped watershed and fisheries;
  • The Iskut River-Stikine River Watershed, 400 miles long from its headwaters in British Columbia’s Spatsizi Plateau to its estuary near Wrangell, Alaska;
  • The Unuk River Watershed, 80 miles long that supports the largest runs of king (Chinook) salmon in southern Southeast Alaska;
  • The Whiting River Watershed may be the wildest and most remote watershed in the British Columbia-Alaska transboundary region.


 Leadership: Will Patric (Executive Director)

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