Redefining Progress

In Brief

1994; Oakland CA; “Genuine Progress Indicator”; ecological footprint


(1994, Oakland, CA;

“Shifting public policy to achieve a sustainable economy, a healthy environment, and a just society.” America’s “leading public policy think tank dedicated to smart economics” impacts policy through: 1) research about how economic policies and business practices impact people’s lives; (2) economic tools that help governments, businesses, and individuals measure their impact on the environment and society; 3) pioneering and championing initiatives to shift public policy toward sustainable economics. Works with multiple partners on four campaigns: Ecological Footprint (“a complex sustainability indicator that answers a simple question: How much of the Earth’s resources does your lifestyle require?”); Climate Policy; Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Economics. [Note: The organization founded by Ted Halstead is best known for developing the Genuine Progress Indicator in 1995 as a replacement for the ubiquitous GNP measure of progress. Unfortunately, attempts to open certain pages on the website as of Sept 2015 were unsuccessful.  MM]

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