Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative

Institution: Oxford Univ. Dept of Int. Rels.

In Brief

2007, Oxford Univ. Dept of Int. Rels.


(2007, Oxford UK; www.ophi.org.uk)

An economic research center within the University of Oxford Department of International Development that “builds and advances a systematic methodological and economic framework for reducing multidimensional poverty, grounded in people’s experiences and values.” The OPHI broadens poverty measurement by going beyond traditional one-dimensional approaches to incorporate factors such as health, education, living standards, quality of work, empowerment, physical safety, social connectedness, and psychological well-being. It’s annual Global Multidimensional Poverty Index covers 101 countries and 75% of world population; of this proportion, “30% of people (1.6 billion) are identified as multidimensionally poor.”

         OPHI also builds capacity through academic courses and technical training programs on multidimensional poverty and human development. It seeks to impact policy, including that the United Nations Development Programme Human Development Report. Publications include Multidimensional Poverty Research and Analysis (Oxford University Press, June 2015), a working paper series, an informal Research in Progress series, a newsletter, manuals, questionnaires developed through OPHI research, and various videos and slide shows. OPHI teaches short courses, provides teaching modules within other institutions’ courses, develops specialized training, and publishes e-learning materials from past OPHI short courses. Ministers and senior officials from nearly 40 governments and international institutions currently participate in OPHI’s Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network. Sabina Alkire and Research Associate James Foster were appointed to serve on the World Bank’s Commission on Global Poverty in July 2015.  Sabina Alkire, Director. Full and part-time staff: 32.

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