Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

In Brief

1994, Vienna; human rights; 3000 staff


(1994, Vienna;

Concerned with security for Europe and Europeans, but with 57 Participating States that span the globe, including North America and Asia.  Fosters a comprehensive view of security covering three “dimensions”: the politico-military; the economic and environmental; and the human, with work on 20 issues, e.g.: Arms Control (helps to stop the spread of illegal post-Cold War surplus weapons), Border Management (to enhance border security), Combating Terrorism (worldwide efforts at conflict prevention), Environmental Issues (assists states with sustainable use of natural resources; concerned with water management, sol degradation, and toxic waste), Good Governance (fighting corruption), Human Rights (“a key part of OSCE’s comprehensive security concept”), Rule of Law (justice based on full acceptance of human dignity), etc. Publishes the magazine Security Community. Secretary General: Lamberto Zannier; 2500 staff in 22 duty stations; 550 staff in Vienna.

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