NextGen Climate Action

In Brief

2014? San Francisco; “billionaire” Tom Steyer


(2013, San Francisco;

A SuperPac that “acts politically to prevent climate disaster and promote prosperity for all Americans.” Working at every level across the US, NextGen supports candidates, elected officials and policymakers that will take bold action on climate change, and exposes “those who deny reality and cater to special interests.” The PAC (Political Action Committee) promises to spend $50-100M over the course of the 2016 national and local elections. It presently has programs in California, Iowa and New Hampshire. California programs include: legislative and ballot initiatives (“Close the Loophole!” and “Open the Books!”), climate leadership (maintaining California’s position as a world leader in renewable energy efforts), and campus organizing. Close the Loophole seeks to eliminate California’s status as the only state that does not charge an oil extraction tax. Open the Books would require “greater transparency” on the part of oil companies to justify price changes at the gas pump. 20 Staff. COO, Dan Lashof; Founder: philanthropist Tom Steyer.

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