Natural Capital Coalition

In Brief

2012, London; logos of 175 orgs; helps business conserve and protect natural capital; Natural Capital Protocol Principles/Framework, Nov 2015, 14p


(2012, Amsterdam;

A global, multi-stakeholder, open source platform to support development of methods for natural and social capital valuation in business. Its aim is to achieve a shift in corporate behavior to preserve and enhance, rather than deplete the earth’s natural capital. It is made up of early adopters from the business, policy, accounting and NGO communities.” It develops, tests and encourages the use of a standardized Natural Capital Protocol and sector guides. Natural Capital is the stock of natural ecosystems on Earth including air, land, soil, biodiversity and geological resources. The economic impact of the degradation of natural systems is $2-5 trillion per year. The Protocol and Sector Guides aim to provide a standardized framework for business to measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital. Downloadable publications such as “Taking Stock: Existing Initiatives and Applications” describe valuation techniques, methodologies and case studies. The soon to be released Natural Capital Protocol being created with a variety of large corporation and NGO stakeholders will enable businesses to identify their most relevant natural capital impacts and dependencies across the value chain, including externalities, in qualitative, quantitative or monetary values; provide guidance on how to measure and value these impacts and dependencies with suggestions of available methodologies; and consider other relevant initiatives, including the Natural Capital Declaration work in the Finance Sector and the work of World Bank WAVES, UK Natural Capital Committee and UN SEEA) on national natural capital accounting. Staff and board: 19; Chairman and CEO: Nanno Kleiterp.

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