National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (1992; Auckland NZ; >610 staff;

A Crown-owned company under government control established to undertake scientific research and related activities in accordance with the Crown Research Institutes Act 1992. Their goal is “to conduct leading environmental science to enable the sustainable management of natural resources for New Zealand and the planet.” They provide “research and transfer of technology and knowledge in partnership with key stakeholders including industry, government and Mäori.”

The research focuses on climate and atmosphere, aquatic and atmospheric-based energy resources, aquatic biodiversity and biosecurity, fisheries, etc. They provide educational resources for schools and universities and host science fairs. NIWA has a subsidiary in the US called NIWA Environmental Research Institute.


  • Training courses;
  • Scholarships and Internships;
  • Post-doc fellowships.


  • Annual reports
  • Blog, videos, photos
  • News, press releases, info pamphlets and stories
  • A library of scientific papers and reports

Leadership: John Morgan (Chief Executive), Barry Harris (Chairman)

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