National Caucus of Environmental Legislators

National Caucus of Environmental Legislators

(1996; Washington; 10 staff + a dog as morale officer;

Seeks to empower environmentally progressive state-lawmakers. Founded by then-Maryland Delegate Leon Billings, who had previously been the chief U.S. Senate staffer responsible for writing the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act. Has been instrumental in enacting the Great Lakes Compact, over 30 states adopting California’s Clean Car standard, pushing for state and federal toxics regulation reform, and a wave of state bills banning microbeads that pushed Congress to act on the issue in late 2015. 14 former legislators make up the Board of Directors.

Main Issues:

  • Climate and Energy – Carbon Pricing, Green Buildings, Green Buildings, Ocean Acidification, Ocean Acidification, Offshore Drilling
  • Conservation – Exotic Wildlife Trafficking, Pollinators, Outdoor Recreation, Water Scarcity
  • Environmental Health – Great Lakes Restoration, Toxic Chemicals, Toxic Chemicals, Plastic Pollution, Plastic Pollution, Mississippi River Restoration, Mississippi River Restoration


  • Updates, news stories, press releases

Leadership: Jeff Mauk (Executive Director)

Budget: ~$669k

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