Munich Climate Insurance Initiative

Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (2005; Munich, Bonn; 13 staff;

A research institute and advocacy group that focuses on climate change and insurance. It advocates in governments and policy processes like UNFCCC and ISDR´s Hyogo Framework “for new ways of applying insurance to complement risk management and adaptation.” They see themselves as a node among practitioners and scholars for innovative uses of risk transfer tools to manage climate risks.

MCII tests “risk transfer tools in ‘lighthouse’ projects and provides proof of concept and implementation models for further replication.”


  • MCII’s contribution to a G7 initiative on Climate Risk Insurance;
  • Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance in the Caribbean;
  • Advancing Climate Risk Insurance plus (ACRI+);
  • Designing a Disaster Risk Insurance Framework for Pakistan;
  • Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative.


  • Perspectives papers, reports, studies, evaluations,
  • Infographics, policy briefs, submissions.
  • HIGHLIGHT: A ‘Discussion Paper Series’ on climate risk insurance.

Leadership: Soenke Kreft (Executive Director)

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