MIT Energy Initiative

In Brief

2006; “transformational technologies”; Energy Futures magazine


(2006, Cambridge MA;

Designed to cross school and department boundaries, create a more energy-efficient campus in part through student-led projects, and reach the policy world through technical analysis and partnering with industry, supporting the clean energy transformation needed to address economic, environmental, and security concerns. Includes research, education, campus energy management and outreach programs that cover all areas of energy supply and demand, security, and environmental impact. Focuses on: 1) new technologies to improve how we produce, distribute and consume conventional energy; 2) transformational technologies to develop alternative energy sources that can supplement and displace fossil fuels, including the economic, management, social science and policy dimensions needed for this transformation; (3) global systems to meet energy and environmental challenges through a multidisciplinary systems approach that integrates policy design and technology development; and (4) tools to enable innovation, transformation and simulation of global energy systems through strategic basic research.

Specific research topics: advanced nuclear fission, biofuels, buildings/urban design, conversion, enabling sciences, global climate change, industrial processes, markets and policy, oceans, oil and gas, sequestration, solar, geothermal, storage, systems/power and vehicles/transportation systems. MITEI has issued some 160 publications, all downloadable from its website, and has generated hundreds of daily news reports.  Prof. Robert Armstrong, Director.  20 staff.

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