Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

In Brief

2001-2005; MEA involving >1360 scientists



Called for by Kofi Annan in 2000, the MEA involved >1360 experts on biodiversity and ecosystem services.  Human actions are depleting natural capital, as summarized in Ecosystems and Human Well-Being (Island Press, 2005).  Other synthesis reports focused on Current State and Trends, Scenarios, Policy, and Multiscale Assessments.   Other reports focused on biodiversity, desertification, business and industry, wetlands and water, and health.  The four main findings: 1) rapid rises in human demands for natural resources have caused substantial and irreversible loss of biodiversity; 2) degradation of many ecosystem services, 3) degradation could grow “significantly worse” in the first half of the 21st century; 4) reversing degradation will involve significant change in policies and institutions.  [Note: Although the Assessment is no longer operating, its authoritative reports are still very relevant and available online.  MM]

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