Material Economics

Material Economics (Stockholm, 22 staff;

The founder, Per-Anders Enkvist was a consultant with McKinsey & Company from 1999 to 2015. The consulting company intends to bring an economic and business view to natural resource questions.


  • Quantifying important natural resource debates with an emphasis on the carbon cost curve and the circular economy
  • Developing corporate strategy under conditions of resource-constraints via  analytics, discussions, 3rd party expertise, field visits, and analogies from other industries


  • 13 reports issues to date
  • Most recent: Industrial Transformation 2050 Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions from EU Heavy Industry (2019, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, 208p): “Existing analyses have emphasised carbon capture and storage. A more circular economy is a large part of the answer. Innovations in industrial processes, digitisation, and renewable energy technologies can also enable deeper reductions over time.”


  • Per-Anders Enkvist, founder and CEO
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