Kremlin Watch

Kremlin Watch (2005; Prague; 10 staff;

A strategic program of the European Values Think-Tank (LINK) which aims to expose and confront instruments of Russian influence and disinformation operations focused against Western democracies.


  • Monitoring and Analysis, finding disinformation stories on daily basis, looking at trends, exposing them and conducting fact-checking and alerting the press and/or government authorities. Specialists focus particularly on Ukraine, Russia, the local disinformation community, and IT or security issues.
  • Policy Development and Advocacy to influence the European policy community via the weekly Kremlin Watch & Monitor, which is sent to 5,500 policy analysts in NATO countries.
  • Tactical and strategic advice on responses democratic states should employ to counter hostile disinformation activities of foreign powers via the Hybrid Threat Centre.
  • Educational activities for general public & trainings for practitioners.
  • Counter-disinformation efforts.
  • Putin’s Champion Award given to a Western public figure which has helped the Kremlin’s interests the most.
  • Holds the STRATCOM SUMMIT, an event focused on countering disinformation with 200+ government and non-governmental specialists.


  • A small library of policy, analysis and research papers
  • Weekly Kremlin Watch Briefing
  • An interactive map and detailed assessments of the US’ and European nations’ relations to Russia

Leadership: Jakub Janda (Head)

Budget: ~$200k

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