Kigali Cooling-Efficiency Program

* Kigali Cooling-Efficiency Program (2017; San Francisco CA; 5 senior staff;

Named after the Kigali (Rwanda) Amendment to the Montreal Protocol where 197 countries agreed to collaborate in 2016 to cut Hydrofluorocarbons by >80%.

Their mission is to support energy-efficient, cooling solutions with a low global warming potential “in developing countries and focus not only on air-conditioning and refrigeration, but also on other cooling solutions such as building design, shading, cool roofs, and super-efficient fans. “

They act based on the conclusion that air conditioner efficiency, at a time when A/C demand is soaring worldwide, is one of the most important actions to cut CO2 and mitigate climate change.


  • Annual Report
  • A library of news, Info & Knowledge Briefs, Science & Research, Videos

Budget: $30m (2017)

Leadership: Dan Hamza-Goodacre (Executive Director)

Note: Paul Hawken’s Drawdown project publishes a list on A/C efficiency and the management or destruction of coolants as the #1 measure out of 80 with the highest impact on climate change by 2050.

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