International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs

International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs
(1968; Copenhagen, DK; 25 staff;

Is an “international human rights organization working to “promote, protect, defend, and document the fight for Indigenous Peoples’ rights.” It works through a “global network of Indigenous Peoples’ organizations and international mechanisms” to “promote the recognition, respect, and implementation of Indigenous Peoples’ rights to land, cultural integrity, and development on their own terms.”

Areas of interest:


  • News
  • Reports
    • The impact of COVID-19 on indigenous communities (October 2020, 52p): “This report provides first-hand information on the situation of indigenous peoples in 11 countries. It highlights the differentiated impact that COVID-19 is having on indigenous peoples, which also varies from community to community.”
    • The Indigenous World 2020 (April 2020, 784p): “The 66 country reports and 17 reports on international processes in this edition underscore the impact of climate change and increase in attacks and killings of Indigenous Peoples while defending their lands and other natural resources.”

Leadership: Kathrin Wessendorf (Executive Director), Ida Theilade (Chair)

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