International Peace Research Institute-PRIO

In Brief

1959, Oslo


(1959, Oslo;

Conducts basic and policy-relevant research and graduate training on conditions for peaceful relations between states, groups, and people; also to promote peace through conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation, public information and policymaking.  Four Programs: 1) Conditions of Violence and Peace; 2) Dimensions of Security; 3) Social Dynamics; and 4) PRIO Cyprus Centre.  Scores of projects, including a focus on climate change and violence, and climate and security threats.  Collects data in several areas, including arms, armed conflict, small arms trade, and governance.  Owns and hosts the editorial offices of two international peer-reviewed journals, Journal of Peace Research and Security Dialogue, and houses the editors of International Area Studies Review and the Journal of Military Ethics. Also issues reports and policy briefs.  Kristian Berg Harpviken, director.  75 staff, including >50 researchers.

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