International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility

In Brief

1991, Berlin


(1991, Berlin;

Seeks to encourage international communication among scientists and engineers to promote international peace and security, justice and sustainable development, responsible use of science and technology, and establishing values and standards of behavior that consider basic human needs and human interrelationship with the biosphere.
Campaigns: 1) Disarmament for Sustainable Development,  2) Commit Universities to Peace – Reject Research for the Military; 3) Abandonment of Military Research; 4) Scientists for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World (since Aug 2009).  Publishes a newsletter and occasional reports, e.g.: Climate Change, Nuclear Risk and Nuclear Disarmament: From Security Threats to Sustainable Peace
(2011, 211p).  [Note: also see the International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation
(1993, Darmstadt, Germany;, which appears to be inactive.]

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