International Labour Organization

Institution: UN

In Brief

1919, UN, Rome; green jobs


(1919, Geneva, Rome;

“Promoting Jobs, Protecting People.”  As of 1946, the first specialized agency of the United Nations, devoted to decent work for all.  Four strategic objectives: 1) Promote and realize standards and fundamental principles and rights at work; 2) Create greater opportunities for women and men to have decent employment and income; 3) Enhance coverage and effectiveness of social protection for all; 4) Strengthen tripartism (equal voice of workers, employers, and governments) and social dialogue.  Hundreds of publications, notably World Employment Social Outlook: Transforming Jobs to End Poverty (May 2016, 182p), World Social Protection Report
(2015), Decent Work, Green Jobs and the Sustainable Economy: Solutions for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (June 2015, 182p), Skills for Green Jobs: A Global View
(2011, 442p), and Sectoral Studies on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains
(2016).  Other key topics include labor standards, women, youth, and ending child labor.  187 Member States.

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