International Climate Science Coalition

International Climate Science Coalition

(2007; Ottawa; 4 staff;

Works to promote better understanding of climate science and policy worldwide. Claims to create an environment in which a “more rational, open discussion about climate issues emerges, thereby moving the debate away from implementation of costly and ineffectual ‘climate control’ measures.” Claims to assist “vulnerable peoples to adapt to climate variability and continuing scientific research into the causes and impacts of climate change.” Publicizes the repercussions of “misguided plans to solve the climate crisis”. This includes, but is not be limited to, “the dangerous impacts of attempts to replace conventional energy sources with wind turbines, solar power, biofuels and other ineffective and expensive energy sources.”  Provides an “international response to what has become a very international, heavily funded climate alarmist effort around the world.” ICSC has created the Australian Climate Coalition as well as the Climate Science Coalition of America whose executive director is climate change skeptic Steve Goreham.

They run ‘The Climate Scientists’ Register’ where members of the scientific community sign the following statement: “We, the undersigned, having assessed the relevant scientific evidence, do not find convincing support for the hypothesis that human emissions of carbon dioxide are causing, or will in the foreseeable future cause, dangerous global warming.”

Leadership: Tom Harris (Executive Director)

Note: This coalition is actively opposing the scientific consensus on climate change.

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